• EODB is an Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms Program since 2016 for turning the vision of our Prime Minister through Cabinet Ministers into action beyond bureaucratic boundaries to deliver Ease of Doing Business at grassroots level through footprint ecosystems in 30 different Sectors with 30 advance technologies like AI, IOT, Block Chain, Big Data, E-Mobility, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, Robotics, Automation, Machine Learning, GeoSpatial. As EODB facilitators our contribution has been well recognized when World Bank ranking to India improved from 144 to 63 globally in past few years.

  • National Highways for Electric Vehicles is the 1st intercity E-mobility pilot programme under Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage Mission through Ease of Doing Business(EODB), division of 'Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms' based on licensing remodelling for the setup of Charging Stations on National Highways under Ministry of Power; 2 out of 12 National Highways (Delhi-Jaipur, Delhi-Agra) would be converted into E-Highways are being prototyped on Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM) financial model to fund economical EV charging infra on these highways. The goal of the NHEV pilot is to create Ease of Doing Business in E-mobility by making it feasible to licence, design, commission, install, electrify, certify, and finance charging and green energy stations for Public Private Partnership (PPP) models among diverse institutional, geographical, and community levels. The 1st prototype station of NHEV is commissioned in Gurugram with 100 EV Car chargers as India's Largest Charging station with 74 AC and 24 DC Chargers. Similarly, the 2nd prototype station of NHEV is commissioned in Gurugram with 100 EV Car chargers with 75 AC and 25 DC chargers. On 27th September 2022, the miniature concept model for the 3rd generation of EV charging stations with provision for Hydrogen was revealed by Shri Nitin Gadkari, the honourable minister of road transport and highways. NHEV has successfully held Tech-Trial II from Delhi-Jaipur and the final report is all set to be released in January 2023.

  • Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms is a reform centric company holding above campaigns and stimulating various social and administrative business reforms around Ease of Doing Business in India with its promotions, bilateral dialogues, workshops in 30 focus economy sectors with unconventional reports, disruptive ecosystems and advance services to bring the sector together with govt. initiatives like EODB, Digital India, Start-Up India, Make in India and transform to New India.

  • National Program Director

    Abhijeet is a Technocrat, Policy Entrepreneur currently contributing in the program division of Prime Minister’s Ease of Doing Business initiative as National Program Director - EoDB, previously associated with Vibrant Gujarat, Pilots of NPR-UIDAI, IMNCI (Asha-Mamta) before joining then Mr. Modi’s Citizen for Accountabile Governance (CAG) team in 2014 polls. His expertise as ex-corporate banker, comes with large infra financing and experience in PPP and Hybrid Financing models is highly appreciated in various emerging tech pilots. Holding additional charge of National Highway for EV (Jaipur – Delhi – Agra) pilot Project Director he recently completed India’s longest 210 km E-Highway TECH-Trial Run between Delhi – Agra in pandemic year 2020 and adding 270 km Delhi – Jaipur stretch into it this year to make it world’s longest green E-highway after Germany.


    Ease of Doing Business team comprehensively analyzed advanced technologies used by Israel, New Zealand, Dubai, and Singapore who controlled COVID spread after 1st lockdown and upgraded their Economy to use instant test technologies and successfully escaped 2nd wave lockdown. This instant testing tech as a commercial pilot with critically high value international airports of the country – Delhi and Mumbai; the pilot aims to target the two international disembarkations that have the highest risk of importing mutated variants of Covid virus in India.