About The Event

NHforEV is Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-highway pilot on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model called Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM) from Ease of Doing Business Division of Services. Based on licensing Reforms of government on 2 out of 12 NH marked by Ministry of Power to be converted in E-Highways (Jaipur-Delhi-Agra) are being prototyped on (AHEM) model to fund EV charging infra on highways with this new financing model. NHEV pilot is aimed to bring Ease of Doing Business in E-mobility by making licensing, designing, commissioning, installation, electrification, certification and financing on Charging Stations and green energy stations easy by making Public Private Partnership (PPP) models at various corporate, institutional, urban, rural and community levels. NHEV has opened India's largest charging station Alektrify in January 2022 & opening the 2nd Charging Station within 30 days on 72% utilization and 36-month breakeven.

India's largest 100 points Electric Vehicle fast Charging Station

Alektrify Private Limited is an emerging private sector company with the objective of providing & promoting the energy efficiency of vehicles by providing the means to achieve the ultimate objective of shifting to a new transport paradigm that is highly efficient, cleaner and compatible with sustainable renewable energy future. Alektrify is the official commissioning and installation company for the National Highway for EV (NHEV) pilot for Charging Stations on Jaipur – Delhi - Agra E-highways under the Ease of Doing Business program. Alektrify Private Limited is engaged in the business of owning, leasing and developing the premises/land at various locations for the purposes of providing on a license basis, the use of premises together with necessary infrastructure, equipment and other required facilities there for providing charging station & parking spaces for all types of electric vehicles and ancillary support services.